Who we are

We are a small company based in Romania that specializes in Web and mobile development services for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our 7-years of expertise in applications development, search engine optimization, database design & programming and standards compliance make us a one-stop solution for all your online business needs.

What we do

Whether you have a thoroughly crafted set of project specifications, or just a general idea of how your product will look, we can help bring it to life.

We not only provide answers to your implementation needs, but also advanced technical solutions, breathtaking visual experiences, performance, scalability and standards compliance. We pack all these things into a robust application ready to be released into the wild.

Some of our most competitive skills include:


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Please include the following when requesting a quote:

  • whether graphics design is required
  • a brief description of the website's content & structure
  • when should the project start and be delivered
  • similar web sites (if applicable)
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